Analytical and Testing Services

Analytical Development and Testing

As a trusted CDMO partner in CGT, skilled analytical teams are experts in method development, qualification, and validation in CGT products including plasmids, lentiviruses, AAVs, OVs, bacterial vectors, mRNAs, and various cell engineering products.

Laboratory Facilities: 29,000 sq. ft
Advanced Analytics: Over 300 established platform methods covering more than 10 CGT product types.
cGMP-Compliant QC Platform: Supports FDA EMA, and NMPA filings.
First-Class Laboratory Management Systems: LIMS, Empower, ELN, LabX, and more.

Analytical Development & Quality Control

Our analytical teams at Porton Advanced Solutions have enriched experience in method development, verification, validations in a wide range of Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) products. 

Functional Platforms

The analytical development and quality control services provided by Porton Advanced are established via seven different functional platforms: physicochemical, characterization, microbiology, molecular studies, biochemical, cell function, and FACS. 

Testing Services

Our comprehensive testing services cover a wide range of functional platforms, including physicochemical, characterization, molecular, microbiology, biochemical, cel functional, and FACS analysis. We offer over 300 established in-house platform methods to cater to diverse testing needs.

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