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Using AAVantage®-Novel AAV Capsid Evolution and Screening Platform , we have designed and validated several capsid libraries, and developed novel AAV capsid variants for retina and liver-directed human gene therapy. 


Retina-targeting AAV capsid variants

  • High tissue specificity for RPE
  • Intravitreal delivery
  • Selection in NHP
  • Transduction efficiency 5x better than AAV2-7m8

Liver-targeting AAV capsid variants with exceptional immune evasion properties

  • High specificity for human hepatocytes
  • Better transduction efficiency than the current best variant AAV3B-V04
  • Exceptional evasion of preexisting neutralizing antibodies
  • 3 libraries based on human serotypes
    • High transduction efficiency and production yield
  • 2 library based on a non-primate AAV
    • Evasion of human preexisting neutralizing antibodies
  • 1 library based on a non-AAV parvovirus
    • Large capacity of genome size (up to 6.1 kb)

Flexible Business Models

Porton Advanced is open to explore R&D partnerships on projects of mutual interest

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