Adeno-associated Viral Vector

Pre-made and Custom-made AAV

Adeno-associated virus is a member of the Parvoviridae family. Whereas a recombinant adeno-associated virus is a novel gene vector modified on the basis of non-pathogenic, wild-type AAV. The recombinant virus exhibits characteristics of strong safety, broad host cell compatibility, low immunogenicity, as well as prolonged expression time and stability, creating one of the most promising gene therapy vectors within the industry.

Porton Advanced provides high-quality AAV packaging services for 20+ different serotypes, meeting any experimental needs related to AAV gene therapy.


Advanced-Mini (ultra-purified)Cell culture & in vivo>1013 GC/ml200 ul (4×50 ul)$1,399.00
Advanced-Medium (ultra-purified)Cell culture & in vivo>1013 GC/ml500 ul (10×50 ul)$1,899.00
Advanced-Large (ultra-purified)Cell culture & in vivo>1013 GC/ml1 ml (10×100 ul)$2,999.00
Advanced-XLarge (chrom-purified)Cell culture & in vivo>1013 GC/ml5 ml (10×500 ul)$9,699 and up
Advanced-XXLarge (chrom-purified)Cell culture & in vivo>1013 GC/ml10 ml (10x1ml)$15,699 and up


  1. GC = Genome copies.
  2. The triple transfection-based approach is available for the following serotypes: AAV1, AAV2, AAV3B, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8, AAV9, AAV2-7m8, AAV2.5T, AAV3B-DE5, AAV3B-V04, AAV3-ST, LK03, LSV1, AAV2-QuadYF, AAV2-MAX, AAV8-2YFTV, AAV-DJ, and PHP.eB.
     *Available for capsids as well (AAV7, AAV4, AAV10, …)
  3. AAV serotypes 2 and 6 tend to have lower titer/yield (5E12GC/ml) than other serotypes.
  4. Viral particles are purified by iodixanol density gradient for ultra-purified scales.


Day 1Begin triple transfection-based approach for AAV packaging
Day 4Harvest virus 72 hours after transfection
Day 5-7Purify and concentrate
Day 8Perform quality control

Quality control (QC)

Quality control of AAV products is carried out through titer determination, endotoxin (LAL), and SDS-Page Coomassie blue. Additional QC services seen below can be provided upon request

Additional QC service
Full/empty capsid analysis
Aggregation analysis
And more… (Please inquiry)


  • Adeno-associated Virus Product
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA)


Our AAVs can be formulated in 1 × Tris buffer with 0.005% pluronic F-68. Formulated AAVs can be stored at -80°C for a long term (stable for at least 6 months, approximately one year of the shelf life). It can be stored at 4°C for 1 – 2 weeks.


Note: please avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

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