Plasmid Preparation Services


Porton Advanced has developed plasmid DNA preparation services, designed to provide rapid and cost-efficient delivery of high-quality DNAs. Our plasmid preparation services cover a broad spectrum, accommodating both scientific researchers and industrial clients, with quantities ranging from micrograms to grams. Our offerings not only to research-oriented projects but also extend to manufacturing GMP-like and GMP-grade plasmid DNAs suitable for preclinical and clinical applications. With a commitment to excellence, we are proud to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical communities.


ScaleApplicationDeliverable(Plasmid DNA)Time
MiniprepMolecular biology25 µg, >100 ng/µL1 – 2 days
MidiprepMolecular biology and cell culture
(endotoxin-free, sterile)
350 µg, >500 ng/µL3 – 4 days
Maxiprep1.2 mg, >500 ng/µL
Megaprep5 mg, >500 ng/µL
Gigaprep15 mg, >500 ng/µL5 – 8 days
Industrial GradeResearch and preclinical applications20 mg to 1 g1 – 2 weeks

Workflow (Maxiprep)

Day 1-2Plasmid transformation into E.coli and bacterial fluids preparation for plasmid extraction
Day 3Extraction and purfication of plasmid
Day 4-5Quality control
A diagram showing the process of using a syringe.

Quality Control (QC)

Our comprehensive quality control (QC) for plasmid DNAs includes DNA quantification, A260/280 and A260/230 measurements, restriction enzyme digestion, Sanger sequencing. For Maxiprep and above, our plasmid preparation services can achieve higher supercoiled content (90% ± 10%) with lower endotoxin levels (<0.01 EU/μg). Additionally, we offer animal-free plasmid preparation upon request.


  • Plasmid DNAs
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Storage Condition

Our plasmid DNAs can be formulated in either 1 × TE buffer or ultra-purified HO. Formulated plasmid DNAs can be stored at -80°C for a period of 12-24 months without compromising plasmid DNA quality.

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