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Vector Cloning Services

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Vector Cloning Service

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Plasmid Preparation Services

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Porton Advanced provides custom DNA vector construction tailored to your specific research needs including, but not limited to codon sequences and regulatory elements. We also offer a cost-effective and robust vector cloning platform with a fast turnaround time. In addition to that, Porton Advanced offers plasmid DNA preparation, virus packaging (LVV and AAV), and mRNA production.


Porton Advanced provides vector construction for shRNA vectors, gRNA vectors, Gene expression vectors, IVT vector, and more….


Day 1-2 Preparation and handling of original vectors and fragments (Note: Gene synthesis needs additional turnaround time)
Day 3 Ligation and transformation
Day 4 Cultivation of transformants
Day 5-7 Positive clone screening and QC validation
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Note: This demonstrates a regular turnaround time for vector construction if everything goes smoothly.


We offer complimentary small quantities of plasmid DNAs. Moreover, we provide a diverse range of high-quality plasmid DNA options for purchase, including Miniprep (>25 μg), Midiprep (>350 μg), Maxiprep (>1.2 mg), Megaprep (>5 mg), and Gigaprep (>15 mg).

Porton Advanced provides virus packaging of LV or AAV for customers in need of viral vectors.

We also offer pre-made and custom-made mRNA for customers in need of mRNA.

Quality Control (QC)

Our vectors undergo rigorous quality control procedures. These include thorough DNA quantification, A260/280 measurement, electrophoresis analysis of both undigested and restriction enzyme-digested plasmid DNAs, and comprehensive Sanger sequencing. These stringent QC measures ensure that our vectors maintain their integrity.