AAVantage® Novel AAV Capsid Library Platform

AAVantage® Novel AAV Capsid Products

Porton Advanced has accumulated unique experience in designing highly complex AAV capsid libraries, using strong structural biology and bioinformatics expertise. Unlike traditional library design methods, our multi-step construction approach allows us to alter the capsid surface with high precision on a large scale, while maximizing variant compatibility with capsid assembly. The resulting AAV capsid libraries have large numbers of functional variants (over 1E8) with significantly altered viral tropism and immunity evasion potential.

Evolution and Screening Methods

Our proprietary episomal DNA extraction method screens only infectious variants and effectively removes background noise. With powerful data analysis, candidate variants can be identified after just a few rounds of in vitro or in vivo selection.

Ways to Collaborate

Using AAVantage®-Novel AAV Capsid Evolution and Screening Platform , we have designed and validated several capsid libraries, and developed novel AAV capsid variants for retina and liver-directed human gene therapy. 

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