Gene Editing Strategies and Efficiency Validation


Gene Editing Strategies and Efficiency Validation

We offer customized editing solutions suitable, parameters optimization and gene editing efficieny testing for target gene, area or applications.


Gene Editing Scheme design

With advanced technology and expertise in gene editing, our team develops customized schemes based on the customer’s specified target gene, editing region, or downstream production goals. The scheme includes target site selection, editing system, detection methods, and more.

sgRNA and Donor DNA Design

Multiple databases are used for comprehensive analysis of the target site sequence, for determining sgRNA sequences, for predicting editing efficiency and for potential off-target sites. Additionally, donor DNA, or relevant plasmid design and construction required for gene editing experiments, is provided.

Gene Editing System Delivery

The appropriate delivery method for the editing system is selected based on the customer’s experimental and subsequent production needs, including viral based (LV, AAV) transfection, plasmid, or RNP electroporation delivery. Optimization of transformation parameters and efficiency testing services are also available.

Gene Editing Efficiency Validation

Gene editing efficiency validation includes detection of editing efficiency at the gene and/or protein level, as well as off-target analysis (outsourced).


A diagram showing the process of making a dna.

Based on the CRISPR/Cas nucleases gene editing system

Cas9/cas12 (knock-out/knock-in), CRISPRi/a (silencing/activation), Base Editor (base editing), Primer Editor (primer editing), and Epigenetic Regulation.

Various Cell Applications

With highly efficient and stable cell transfection and gene editing systems, Porton Advanced has successfully achieved gene editing in different cell lines, including but not limited to T cells, TIL cells, NK cells, iPSCs, and HSPCs.


Gene editing design scheme, sgRNA and Donor DNA, sequences and synthesized products, optimization of parameters for gene editing system delivery, and an efficiency testing report.

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