Porton Advanced introduces the MaxCyte ExPERT GTx Flow Electroporation instrument, continuing to provide customers with end-to-end cell and gene therapy CRO & CDMO services

Porton Advanced recently introduced the MaxCyte cGMP-grade ExPERT GTx Flow Electroporation instrument to its cell therapy platform, marking the company as the first cell therapy CDMO in China to possess this clinical-grade flow electroporation system. This equipment, known for its exceptional high transfection efficiency and cell viability, is capable of handling flexible transfection volumes and covering the entire process from research to clinical stages and cGMP production. It also seamlessly scales up for large-volume preparations. MaxCyte has already successfully supported the market launch of the world’s first CRISPR/CAS9 gene-edited therapeutic, Casgevy.

Porton Advanced is equipped with comprehensive cell therapy process equipment that can meet the production needs of various cell types, including cell banking and autologous or allogeneic cell therapy production, while supporting multiple process routes such as viral vector transfection, non-viral vector electroporation, and gene editing, etc. By introducing the MaxCyte technology platform, Porton Advanced has further strengthened its capabilities in non-viral electroporation for process development and clinical production. Currently, Porton Advanced has used MaxCyte to provide process development and production services at varying stages including IIT, IND application, and clinical trials for multiple cell therapy projects.

For the process development and clinical production involved in electroporation technologies of different cell therapies, Porton Advanced will collaborate with MaxCyte’s powerful technical and compliance teams by utilizing the MaxCyte ExPERT GTx and other existing types of electroporation equipment to empower and accelerate the translation of gene and cell therapy drugs to clinics and ultimately, the market.

About Porton Advanced

Porton Advanced is a subsidiary of the globally recognized CDMO Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. (SZSE Stock Code 300363), founded in 2018. Located in Suzhou, China, Porton Advanced offers a cGMP-compliant manufacturing platform for plasmids, cell therapy, gene therapy, and mRNA therapy, enabling different development stages for global companies.

Porton Advanced operates on a “Customer First” approach to Gene and Cell Therapeutics (GCT) manufacturing, anchored by its core principles of “Compliance, Expertise, and Open Collaboration”. The company operates to rigorous, internationally harmonized Quality Management and IP protection standards, bringing innovative manufacturing solutions to the complex challenges in the GCT space. For more information about Porton Advanced, please visit: www.portonadvanced.com.

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